Friday, May 29, 2009
3:40 PM
A not-so perfect time for a wake-up call.

I haven’t written anything in months. And with the million highs and lows that happened in just a course of ONE YEAR, I don’t even know where to start. Over the past months, I have lost and won. Laughed out loud, and cried my heart out. Have fallen more in love than ever, and have hurt even more. I’ve been hurt and have hurt. Through all that, I tried not to lose faith. I was already living the fairytale that I’ve always dreamt of, with my prince nonetheless. Yet again, it rained on my parade. The castle collapsed and my prince turned into a toad. Who would’ve thought, right?

I had just turned 19, yesterday. And oh well it seemed like life had a big surprise in store for me. Like c’mon? It’s my birthday. REALITY DOES BITE. Truth is, I’m actually one of those people who find it so hard to accept that. Like finding out that there is a bitter truth out there, something that will eventually come to surface. Sometimes we are just plain victims of the situation, who are we to know? Life goes on differently for all of us. It hurts as hell finding out that we are merely helpless; because there is nothing else we could do but accept what is laid out to us. Its also unfair, because we weren’t given a chance to actually do something… To turn things around, or to somehow managed to prevent it from happening. I once read an icon that said, “If only life came with a backspace key.” –-It’s true; life would’ve been so much easier for all of us. Think of how much pain, tears, mistakes, and heartaches that would’ve been saved. If only there is a way to undo, what’s already been done. To just take it all back. But that’s far from happening.. The last thing I would want to find out after my birthday is that, my happy ever after, already ended. I feel awful. But I guess I saw all of this coming, I was just too blinded by my daydreaming, to see it.

I don’t know where to get the strength to finish this battle, but I guess something I learned from all that had happened is.. By now, I should be strong enough to face it all alone. I need to. Finishing this battle on my own, and coming out alive, and still whole, would probably be the happy ending to my so-called fairytale. It may not come off as romantic at all, but rather, brave and inspiring.

Friday, May 30, 2008
4:06 PM
Legally JOYCE :)


I'm officially, 18 years old! :) Didn't do anything grand last May 28th. And i love that its just so simple. I played sweet music, and enjoyed my cup of Haagan-Daasz, while talking to Kevin, pretty much the entire day, and replying to all my awesome friends who sent in their birthday greetings. It feels good when you just savor the moment, you know. And that's what i did.

I can't really describe how life went on a year ago. I was just 17, then. And there were a lot of things that happened that pretty much changed the course of my life. Every year life continues to surprise me. I've never seen myself THAT happy, smile THAT big , or laugh even for the littlest things, AND feel that much LOVE, nor have i felt so much pain. You know like that piercing ache. BUT i've really seen how much i've grown. I HAVE ONE HAPPY HEART, NOW. :) You know, i used to just wake up, and do the mundane routine. But now, when i wake up it's like i suddenly care about how the sky looks, or how bright the sun's rays are. Before i met KEVIN, i didn't really care much about that. He always finds out ways to make me giggle, or make my heart melt. And what really makes my day, is everytime i see how happy he truly is, everytime we're together.

Well, i'm 18 now.. Definitely, all grown up. I can't predict how life will be like for me, in the next coming months. All i know is, i can't wait to experience another year of smiles, laughter, hugs, kisses, pain, tears, and what really completes me.. HIS LOVE.

I will continue to live life, the HAPPY way. Love truly and deeply. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008
4:35 PM
Turning 18..
I'll be officially turning legal on the 28th. I'm turning 18! Yaaay! Its really sweet that Kevin's been greeting me like practically everyday. I guess he's more excited than i am. Ha ha! Looking back on what happened during the entire year, still amazes me up to now. My life had completely changed, since the last time. Its been well.. A little quirky, dramatic, there are some painful parts, steady, super fun, magical, and of course extremely romantic. Things just fell into place. I mean, i didn't plan things to go that way, and yet it ended up oh so right. Which made me one happy camper! :) He he

In 3 days, i'll be turning into a woman. New experiences. New stuff that'll come. I just know, it'll be great. AND I'M READY. :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008
7:42 PM
Month-ender. :)

It has been really stressful these past two weeks. Oh man, it totally took its toll on my body. But all's good, now. Finally. Oooh, I just remembered! THE LOVE MONTH, is coming up! Yaay! Me and my L-O-V-E, are planning to have a week-long celebration. For real. ;) Well ain't that sweet?

To all the hopeless romantics out there.. I'll definitely make you feel the butterflies, with my upcoming posts! I'd be sharing some of my personal, romantic and cheesy moments. Oooh, can't wait. ;)

Saturday, November 03, 2007
9:50 PM
Fabulous femme!

It felt so great to see the first message on my taggie to go like this.. "Hey there Miss fabulous. I just gave you an award....." I really appreciate it, Mrs. Abby Capili-Hansen. :) And another thing that made the award more special is that.. Abby's maiden name, Capili... Is really special to me. Since that's my Hunny, Kevin's last name. :) A BIG BIG THANK YOU, ABBY! :)


I want to share this award to all the FANTABULOUS FEMALES out there! Cheers, ladies!

Thursday, October 25, 2007
9:50 PM

We had just finished our exams for the finals, a couple hours ago. Gosh, that was such an awesome moment. It's basically, our FINAL WEEK in school. So everyone's got their own thing goin'. Most of the peeps are busting their butts off, with all the requirements that we have to submit before we pack our bags and head off to our much needed vacay. But ironcially, i think all the caffeine and sugar seemed to have affected the way they think. Everyone's all hyped-up, perky, jittery and all that. OH YEAH, ITS DEFINITELY THE CAFFEINE! I did tell them they've already had one too many! But yeah, i'm gulity of that too. Hahaha So we pigged out yesterday. Me and the rest of my blockies, were doing the oh-so-many requirements we have to finish by the end of the week. People were like in the stockmarket! Just picture that, and that'll explain how crazy the situation is. Printers' been working non-stop. People typing away. Constantly going in and out of the room. Some were too zonked so they just decided to play good music, with their players. The rest were already sleeping on their keyboards.. And yeah, they can't be bothered. And then there's me... Who's been doing a little bit of all that! ;)

But.. even if the whole place is such a mess, and everybody seems to be going nuts because WE STILL HAVEN'T HAD OUR LUNCH YET. And its already quarter past 4 in the afternoon, for crying out loud. We all still managed to kid around. We GOOFED a lot. We literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD. We were just really enjoying the moment. We don't want to fuss about it. We don't wanna stress it out. We were taking things easy. Eventually, Me and Mary went out and bought food for everybody. We came back with some take-out and a whole lot of junk. ;)

SO BOTTOMLINE, WE HAD A GREAT TIME. :) Like what i keep saying... when you're in good company, it's always bound to be FABULOUS. And that's what happened. :))

Gosh, i'd finally get to SLEEP, now. Like really, sleep. Ohhh my gosh, just thinking of all those sleepless nights and headache i get, practically everyday. Starting tonight, i'll have a hefty amount of DOZE time. Yaaay me! We're still not done with the requirements, though. But it's alright. We're in no rush, 'cause we have 'til the end of the week. ;) They're planning to party it all out, after that final day.. Then i could pack my stuff, and head out to my homecoming. ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
9:48 PM
Life is pretty Dandy!
( Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies... )

This month felt like one hell of a roller coaster. One moment I was in Cloud 9, while the rest of the days were filled with boxes of tissues and cups of caffeine at 2 in the morning, just because my mind can't seem to rest from all the thinking. And its not because I'm too busy with exams or homework. To sum it all up, I spent the first 18 days of this month... Laughing out loud with the girls. Tripping just about anywhere. Studying until 4 in the morning, for an exam that's just 4 hours away. Waking at the middle of the night, crying. Constantly being late for my first class. Getting teased, because I always end up getting a new cut every week, that's why i'm practically covered with band-aid! No worries, its because of the usual reason -- That I'm a total clutz! Doing my job as Dr. Love, to my new and growing list of patients. Texting and IM-ing in class. And sipping 1 grande Caramel Macchiato in between classes to lift up my spirit. Being confused, worrying, crying, crying, crying and well... worrying some more. Having my Gym class teacher, tease me on what's happening on my current romance. So we ended up talking about OUR love lives. That happened 2 Saturdays ago. Surprisingly he turned out to be, pretty cool. Oh and slept, more like napped. Since I was back again, with the old routine of having 5 hours MAX for sleeping! Shopping over the weekend, with... MYSELF. Since nobody seems to be free. About the crying part... A few months back, I normally talk about how my life sucks, like always! But this time.. Its different. I wanna keep mum about it. I think that's the most mature way to deal with it. And also, it'd be hard for me to go through the details.

.............. * * * .................

So basically, I had spent the past 18 days trying to find answers from questions that I don't even know yet. Trying to figure out what I really want, and what would I risk just to experience true happiness. How far will I go? Is it really worth all the sleepless nights? Then something inside of me snapped! You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of! You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life... So I know, I just had to stop. Overall, this month wasn't so bad. Its actually... pretty AWESOME. ;) I still can't believe that I ended up maturing more than I could ever think of. This has got to be the BEST month of the year.. There was perfect mixture of YIN and YANG. I don't want this month to end just yet.. But like what they all say.. All good things must come to an end. Life is still Dandy, despite all the drama. Oh yes, IT REALLY IS! ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007
8:54 PM
Something smells like an... A plus!
We have finally done our presenatation, last monday. Over the weekend we went to interview some people working at a telephone company. We split in half when we got there. After the interview, the entire group met up for lunch.. Then started brainstorming. And a couple days later... TA-DAH! Our presentation went really great, and we got a pretty awesome score. :)

Exam week's almost over too.

Tomorrow's going to be the last day. And i had just finished reviewing. So in my spare time, i did this really awesome and quirky game that, Janice passed to me. Janice by the way, is my new found friend in the blogosphere. She's absolutely cool. Check out her site! Oh and sorry it took me like forever, to do this. I was just really busy with a couple of stuff. The things i've mentioned below, are mostly just about the usual flops that happened in my life.


1. We went to a fish pond, to shoot our DOCUMENTARY FILM. We spent an entire day there, to actually experience how the lives of fishermen go. Well, midway through the day.. I followed my other group mates, who were already feeding the fishes. The man, was teaching them all the know-how’s. So while I was crossing the makeshift bridge, that was made of bamboo, I think? The bridge broke down! I was like an inch close to falling off the pond, but I got to grab joy’s foot, so I didn’t fall. But it was SO CLOSE. Thank goodness, she was standing right there. Phew! Hehehe

2. One sunny morning at school, everyone was complementing me on my really chic outfit.. It felt great, UNTIL the heel of my fave pair of stilettos HAD IT! I walked really fast to catch my friends who were already inside the car waiting for me. ‘Cause we were suppose to go the mall. I pretended like nothing happened, but i'm pretty darn sure that the people who saw me had a good laugh.

3. Oh another airport scene! I noticed that the people at the boarding area were staring at me. So I thought, maybe I have something on me again. So I sat down and checked, but there wasn’t any. On my way to the bathroom, a group of people passed by me, and they were STARING down at my pants. When I looked down, I saw MY FLY WAS OPEN! And, I’ve been walking all over the airport, for like an hour and a half. Jeez! Ha ha

4. I tripped in front of my crush. Oh yes, I did! And he was just like 2 steps, away. I stepped over a school I.D, which I bet someone lost, and slipped! But I guess he was too busy googling on his phone to notice. Or maybe he was nice enough to not grin, even after seeing what happened.

5. Got grounded for 2 weeks, while on vacation. My mom found out that I went out and drove the car all over the city. My cousin was with me, but it was still ME who drove the car.

6. Heard a ghost singing a lullabye, while at our school’s bathroom, back in High school. And there was no one else, there except me and my friend. Everyone in school knows that place is haunted. Well, I’ve been there many times, and nothing eerie has ever happened to me. So I feel comfortable while I’m there.. Well, until THAT DAY! Its like one of the CREEPIEST thing ever. I will never forget that.

7. Last September, at the airport going back home, we found out that our flight will be delayed. Our flight got hold because of security reasons. Media people were there. The camera was even infront of me, while they were interviewing the airport officials. Hahhaha! Turns out, A MAN was detained when the security discovered guns, and other deadly weapons on his carry-on luggage! And he was suppose to be on the same flight with us. So when we got to the boarding area, rumors have been going around that, he was planning to hijack the plane. Well they seemed like rumors, so I really didn’t take it seriously. But when we landed, my mom’s phone has got tons of messages and had been ringing non-stop. Turns out, some relatives and other close friends of my mom saw the news about the hijack thing. Its actually the BREAKING NEWS in the metro. We just felt so relieved that we got home safe.

8. I won the schools’ press conference for photojournalism and Sports writing when I was about 11. And I got to beat like 30-50 other participants from different schools. That was like the first rewarding moment for me.

9. When I was 16, (I’m 17 now) I experienced how to be in love. For the first time! And I mean like, the REAL ONE. Not the usual infatuation that I sometimes mistake as love, when I was much younger. All those cheesy songs and movies were right. It felt like perpetual bliss. And ‘til now, I’m still CRAZY IN LOVE. :)

10. During one depressing, Sunday morning.. I went shopping like crazy. When I got home, I found out I had just spent 8 GRAND! I was like, no way. I mean, I like splurging every once in a while. But to spend that much on just 1 day, can’t be good. So since that day happened I made a mental note: When another gloomy Sunday comes.. I’ll ring my girl friends and spend the day at the spa or have a DVD marathon instead. Ha ha!

Thursday, June 21, 2007
5:03 AM
Le Sac et La Fille. Avec Amour...

This will be the last entry for my, three-part, month-long Bday affair. Finally! Well, Turning 17 wasn’t just about the designer duds, gourmet meals and high-end trips. Clearly, it wasn’t. Yes, the material joys we’re divine; but as cliché and mushy as it is, all the love I got from close friends and even the old ones that I haven’t seen in years, is WAY better. Everyone made me feel extra-special. Well, there's more to that day, than that.. And it was reaching the highest point of maturity in my life, so far. It’s seeing myself having a hearty laugh, again. And have that REAL SMILE. Not the fake one when they say, Cheese! It’s seeing myself, having PEACE within me. All that in one day, made me literally speechless. Completely awestruck on the sudden turn-around in my life, for less than 20 hours. Couldn't get any better than that, huh? That's what really made my day. Feeling good doesn’t need to cost a thing. Who ever said it does, anyway? I may not be as happy as I’ve always dreamed I would be, but for the first time I just allowed myself to be whatever it is that I am, and lived the moment.

Being a year older had sort of helped me, answer the questions that has been running in my head for the past years. It’s like an epiphany of sorts. Like any other teen, I was just as chaotic and complicated. Questioning my own questions. Emotional breakdowns. The random, right? But things took its turn… For the better, of course! You know, there is nothing greater than deciding in your life that things may really be just, black and white! So when I was about 15, I had planned out what I wanted to do with my life starting that day, until my middle years. And by 16, what I’ll be doing in my later years, until my retirement day. It’s my master plan. A track that I have to follow. Any progress? Well, Yes. I’m actually making it happen now, at 17. At the moment, I’m already drafting my story and labeling it to Chapter 7. What is it that we need in an ending? Tied up plot lines, evidence of some meaning behind the story, a moral, a punch line, a suicide? Well, I don't know a lot about everything, but I do know a lot about the part of everything that I know, which is living life the way i've always wanted.

28th of MAY. Well, On that day....

At the Ritz-Carlton on the eve of my Bday.

* * Oh drat, i wouldn't get to post the sumptuous desserts! Well, i spent a hefty long time on the DESSERT BAR. And took loads of shots! But my cam broke, before i even got to transfer it into my PC.

The silly camera, dived into the pool. ;)

Other Bday Presents...

Bellissimo.. È stupefacente! Fendi-tastic! (full view)

From Paris, with love! Oooh la la Vuitton!

Mobile phone for contortionists.

J'adore N93i . il est simplement beau!!

Friday, June 08, 2007
1:40 AM
Party at this house!

AFTER PARTY, anyone?

I'm still hung-up from my birtday. There was just something missing there.. BUT it still is, the best DAY ever. I took a short trip and came back after a couple days. BIG THANKS to all my fab friends who sent in their greetings. IMs, Emails, SMS. I tried replying to their messages as soon as i could. Well, as soon as we landed! I didn't mind about the roaming charges! Ha Ha! I was just so ecstatic, while reading through all the messages. They broke the record, from last year! Ha Ha! I really owe them a party. But i was away for a couple days, so i didn't get to do it. I'll be making it up to them, by having a post-party celebration which i'm still planning inside my head!

AND A BIG THANK YOU to ALL THE PEOPLE who greeted me here! I really appreciate it! :)

Oh yeah, i was talking about presents on my last post. Back to that. Jetting a thousand miles away, to the city of lights. Are some of my pressies, that are being shipped and on their way to me. The LV and Fendi arrived right on time. I SO LOVE MY PRESENTS! And also those, that are nearly on their way... :) I was definitely spoiled for a week!



I really adore Tulips. So it was good, that i recieved an entire caboodle!


You had me at, FENDI.

Monday, May 28, 2007
5:55 AM
We're gonna party like it's my Bday!

28 MAI 2007.



JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, à moi. J'ai 17 ans maintenant! Une autre année de l'étude. J'ai mûri beaucoup, juste par la vie. J'espère plus de bénédiction d'en haut, et pour avoir la paix à la ma vie et coeur.

This has got to be the BEST birthday, yet! Old buddies finally remembered and.. sent in SMS, IMs, emails. And i am extremely happy about it. The greeting list is definitely much longer now. :)

Je suis heureux que la plupart de mes amis se soient rappelées mon anniversaire. Ils sont espérant nous pourraient sortir, mais je ne peux pas partir parce que je suis occupé. Je leur ai promis que nous célébrerons bientôt. Et ce sera une partie vraiment grande. Je les manque beaucoup. Parfois j'ai peur pour vieillir. Responsibilites sont parfois trop à manipuler. Il devient plus difficile résoudre des problèmes et le temps semblent fonctionner plus rapidement. Mais quand j'avais 16 ans, j'ai réalisé tant de choses. J'ai réalisé, cela que je suis plus fort que je pense. Et cela, je peux traiter celui que la vie de problème jette à moi, n'importe comment grand.


LOVE the pre-bday presents, and all the pampering i got a week before. I recieved a Classic Prada, and Vuitton tote. Christian Lacroix Pumps, -- (express delivery from the CITY OF LIGHTS) Chic mobile, Gorgeous Tulips, and More Good Reads.

Oooh, what could i be getting TODAY? I hope it's that new Blackberry!



.....will be posting more photos soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2007
6:01 PM
TAG! You're it!
No, this isn't the entry that'll explain why i've got this big smile on me, now.
I'll do that next time. After this.

MONICA, or like what i'm used to calling her.. MONAI, passed me this chain game.
You can view her list by clicking here. The things i've listed below, are really random.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! Let's begin..

1. I am also, of Spanish descent. Basically, I'm ¼ Spanish. Courtesy of my Mom. My ancestors hails from the south of Spain. The rest of ME, is a mix of 3 other races.

2. My mom's family is pretty much the traditional Spanish kind. But I wasn't brought up like that. I mean, with the language and traditions. So, when I came to visit them before, they had to adjust and translate for me. And I definitely learned a lot!

3. Now, my mom and me talk in Spanish so I could practice it.
I can carry the accent, already! Ha Ha!

4. I made an incredibly long list of all the things I'dwant to be. Like some of it, I might consider on doing and the rest is just for fun. I posted it on the profile of my private account, on a social networking site. So a snippet from that: A CIA AGENT, A FIGURE SKATER, A STRUGGLING ARTIST IN PARIS, A FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER or A TRAVEL JOURNALIST.

5. I am highly clairvoyant. One time at lunch in High School with my friends, I just blurted out, there's fire near our school. Of course, they didn't know what I was talking about. They said I was crazy. Until we were on our way back to school and we couldn't get through because of the fire trucks. There was something burning A BLOCK AWAY FROM OUR SCHOOL. They were stunned and amazed.

6. I am a travel Junkie! I love trotting, since I was a little girl. I'm the travel-for-adventure kind. My trips are never boring, they're always jam-packed with ADVENTURE and a whole lot of craazzyy! I Guess, that's why people I know never forget to invite me on JETAWAYS. Haha! Because I always try keep the party goin' 24/7 for everybody. No excuse on jet lags and missing luggages!

7. Most people know me for my duplicitous nature. In short, Adaptability + Flexibility x insanity + humor = ME. Basic Math, really.

Friday, May 18, 2007
11:29 PM
The GOOD Life

They say when Life throws you LEMONS make LEMONADE. But i say, if life throws you Bling-blings, Gorgeous Flowers, An adorable designer HB, The chicest mobile phone, PLUS CASH... THEN GRAB A SHOPPING BAG!

It's been the BEST WEEK, ever! ever! ever! But i'll let all of you hanging, for a while! I will be posting on my next entry, the reason for my BIG SMILE! Tee-hee! :D

Saturday, May 12, 2007
3:15 AM
Power of the BAND-AID

When i was a kid,
i've always enjoyed spending long weekends,
in THEME PARKS. We'd always take trips and drive for long hours just to get there. And when we arrive, I always tell them "i wanna ride that! It's so big and looks fun!" but they always tell me, "When you're bigger, you can ride there." And i'm not just talking about Roller Coasters, i'm talking about all those Wild and Crazy rides, that i couldn't even remember what they're called.

I also loved playing tag when i was kid. But since i was EXTREMELY clumsy, i'd often get wounded. I can still remember, everytime they had to put antispetic on the wound, i start screaming and crying like all hell broke lose! And they're not even close to applying it, yet! I guess, when you're a kid a simple wound is all the pain you know, that exists.

We all have our own little games. No Foul, No Breaks, No nothing. It's a GAME with no rules, but you still have to PLAY it anyway. I was playing a smooth game, a really GOOD ONE. And i have been playing it my entire life, until ONE DAY i had an 'injury', and had to be moved somewhere else. I couldn't believe, i didn't see any of that coming! That's why my parents moved me far away, to heal. A completely different world, and a huge crowd. For me, it was DEATH. It was MY death. I became lonely, depressed, alone, misunderstood, and barely spoke to the people around me. Just like everyone else? Well, not in the world that i became part of. I was definitely the ODD one out. And my parents didn't even notice that.

That's when i realized, just when you've gotten the lay of the land, the ground underneath you shifts. And knocks you off your feet. You're LUCKY if you end up with nothing more than a flesh-wound! Something a BAND-AID will cover. But some wounds are deeper than they first appear, and require more than just a quick fix. In the Aftermath of my death, i had vowed to never play again. Because i was afraid to fight, and lose. Then i pushed my sadness so far down into the base of my being that i didn't even know it was there. Death does that to us, doesn't it? It's so irrevocable, so absolute. We would rather deny its existence than face up to our sorrow and pass through our pain.

But then, i started to believe that we are born with the power to heal our wounds, not through miracles, but through a silent voice that speaks to us from within ourselves and won't be stilled. A voice that tells us where to go and what to do, which is a miracle of another kind. It is the refusal to heed that inner voice that causes the incurable sickness of the soul which make us wither before time. Now, i can hear mine LOUD AND CLEAR.

Friday, April 27, 2007
1:55 AM
Give PEAS a chance.

Yes, you read it right. That's because, I've been planning to change my eating habit for almost a year now, but I keep on forgetting it. And it's only when I was watching a show over the food channel that I decided, to finally DO IT. It really made me open my fridge and think on what I've been putting inside my body. That's why, I'm going green now. Cutting down and banning some of the loveable gassy and greasy foods.

Trading the usual junk for some healthy opts. Hope I get to stick with it, though!

Been doing it for a week now and I know I'm
not a COW to be eating all these greens, yellows, and reds! But the results are good and
it didn't only help my body, work right, it also made my mind and MOOD in sync. No signs of feeling cranky and snappy at the middle of the day. Makes me feel like, I could go skydiving and run for miles.

Changing my diet, is just one of the many many many things i'm going to do and will be FINISHING this season.

Like getting back with my reads. During my last trip, I ended up s
plurging at the Airport bookstore, due to the looong delay of my flight. Since then, I had already finished 2 of the 5 books. They’ve been on my bedside table for months now, and before I end up purchasing more books over AMAZON, might as well finish those first.

Also try out
YOGA. Because, I wanna keep my SANITY during those "usual days". And..
More AROMATHERAPY oils and oil sprays! Jasmine, Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Orange Blossom, Petitgrain, Bergamot and Lavender. Definitely a QUICK escape from the day-to-day madness, no need to for an appointment on the Spa. A good hour, or even just an hour and a half would be heavenly! Nothing beats the "cloud 9" feeling it leaves. A great combo after the yoga. After all this, I'm gonna come out feeling Hearty, invigorated, and perky. Like one of those Tree-hugging Hippies?

Sunday, April 15, 2007
3:38 AM
Ahoy there, Miuccia Prada!

On a Sunny Shopping day to Rodeo Drive, or even Paris. You've decided to wear your Hermes Scarf, Balenciaga tote bag, D&G Oversized Sun glasses, John Galliano Dress, Marc Jacobs peep-toes, Now, what's missing with the complete head-to-toe Haute Couture ensemble?

A PRADA PHONE of course!

"It is a time to look toward the future, without denying the past."

A quote by Miuccia Prada. Could she be envisioning the creation of the
Prada phone when she said this? She definitely is Fashion forward!
Who would've known that this Popular Fahion Brand, would eventually release its first-ever mobile phone!

This Fashion Phone is manufactured by the more popular electronic brand, LG. Like the Striking Metallic-Gold, Dolce & Gabanna phone that's manufactured by Motorola. I've learned about this phone while watching an Aussie Tech Show, last January. Or late last year? I couldn't really remember.

The PRADA phone is also known as the LG KE850. As advertised, the KE850 is practically featureless from the front. It has the CALL, END And CLEAR buttons that run along the bottom. It's actually very thin and light. Touch the super-sized screen and the understated, Flash-powered icons slide into view.

Navigating the phone's menus is easy because it has a touch-sensitive screen; No need for a Stylus with this one! within seconds, you can easily find your way through it, with ease.

But what's in a PRADA phone, anyway? Other than the striking similarities with the LOOK of the iPHONE. The LG KE850 is the first phone, with a touch interface that eliminates the conventional keypad. It has a screen size of 3-inches (240 x 400) and a dimension of 98.8 x 54 X 12 mm.

It also features a 2-megapixel camera

music player (MP3, ACC, ACC+, WMA, RA)

video player (MPEG4, H.263, H.264)

document viewer

has an external memory slot

And runs on wireless data: Bluetooth 2.0, EDGE Tri-Band

This PRADA phone might just be on the next must-have list for the haute couture-loving and fashion savvy people. It sells for 775 dollars or 600 euros. But when I tried online shopping for this mobile, each store offered different prices. As low as 572 bucks to, 800 and even 900 dollars depending on the network provider, warranties and limited editon features.

So, Prada-loving people get a hold of this,
to complete your SPRING/SUMMER Look!

Sunday, March 04, 2007
11:55 PM
What goes around.. Comes around...

Regarding my entry last Feb. 2Oth. There are some things you just can't help but talk about. Things we just don't want to hear, and we scream them out loud because we can't be silent any longer. Sometimes they are more than what you say, they're what you do. You say it, 'cause there's no other choice. You keep it to yourself. And not too often, but every now and then, some things simply speak for themselves.

Even if it is, PAINFUL.. you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers, you just breath deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed but sometimes the pain gets you where you least expect it. Hits way below the belt and doesn't let up. You just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it and life always makes more.

Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.

SOMETIMES, we just need the bad stuff to remind us what the good stuff is in the first place.


An offer to be part of the UA&P team in a convention!

Scoring A- in French Class!

Much awaited SUMMER GETAWAY to somewhere FREE, FUN
and very very very FAR!

Saturday, December 16, 2006
1:51 AM
Live Your Life CRAZY!


All that happened to me many many years ago, I HAVE SURVIVED. In the intervening years, i have discovered that despite the overwhelming nature of that early disaster, day-to-day life isn't a constant series of crises and calamities! Day-to-day life is like the wind in all its infinite varations and moods. The wind is shifting, constantly shifting. Sometimes... Blowing north, northeast, northeast, then north. Just as we ourselves are shifting. Sometimes happy, sometimes mad, sometimes upset.



As i grew older and more experienced, i realized that the ability to distinguish between REAL and APPARENT dangers is fundamental to good judgement, and people who don't posses it, is in mere danger. They dwell in a state of incipient catastrophe, thinking only of what could go wrong and trying to ward it off before it occurs. They aren't masters of reality, although they like to think they are... They're masters of UNREALITY!!

Chicken, if you please! They always want to play on the safe side, to avoid feeling PAIN. and they are like this because they let their FEARS, which are FIGMENTS of an untrustworthy imagination, govern their lives. It's as if they never break through a secret barrier that separates
the timorous from the self-assured.

People like that are more common than we suppose and it's unfortunate.
And those who know them live with the futile hope that they will somehow, get it stirring again. But they rarely do, for the simple reason that they can't afford to let the world get out of their control.

It's patently not contorollable.

That's the only PHYSICAL PRINCIPLE that i'm DEFINITELY SURE OF! and i think, that the WORLD and LIFE in general, is better off that way. Let's STOP GETTING in the way of HOW THINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE..


Thursday, December 14, 2006
11:20 PM
The Chaos Theory!


" If anyone finds this, it means my
plan didn't work and I'm already
dead. But if I can go back to the
beginning of all of this, I might be
able to save her... "

- from the butterfly effect.-

When i was in 3rd grade.
I was about 8, that time...

I always had this INSANE, obsession with TIME TRAVEL
and TIME MACHINES. I would lie on my bed at night
thinking of ways to create it, having visions of what it
feels like, and of course, if it would really be possible.

Growing up, i was always the...
"curious-about-the-world" type of kid.
I can't seem to get to sleep, UNLESS
i read a book or discover something
NEW, that will fuel up my curiousity.
and i don't know why!

One of the reasons that made
time machines so interesting to
me, as a kid.. is definitely the
ADVENTURE! The thrill of
going back in time, and so as
getting a GLIMPSE of the
FUTURE. Those Freakin' TV shows
really FOOLED me with, the whole...
"by the year 2000, CARS would
be flying!" Sheesh! it's already 2006,
and there are still NO SIGNS of flying
cars. Not even flying SCOOTERS

i'm already 16, not 8!
My philosophy has already changed,
my ideas, my dreams, the list goes on and on...

Good News is, 8 years later....

I'm still interested in TIME MACHINES! and my hopes are still HIGH! Yes, i still like it. But for a different reason. Eight years later, my purpose changed. I'm more into going back to the past, than seeing what could happen in the FUTURE. I WANT IT, because.. there has been a good and bad combo, between those years. Good and bad memories that i try to hold on too. Praying that i don't suffer from AMNESIA or ALZHEIMER'S anytime soon, because looking back and and seeing how my life has turned out, REMINDS ME of who and what type of person i have become, right now.

THE MAIN REASON why i'm so much into it??


These good ol' memories is the only thing
in my life that WOULDN'T CHANGE,
when everything else will!

AND ....

IT'S COOL to personally witness those moments! Like, that moment when you fell at the ESCALATOR in the MALL for everyone to see! or the time your friends pulled a prank on you! or the FIRST time you MET the person that would cahnge your life! Pretty cool, don't you think?

Saturday, December 09, 2006
11:11 PM
Tears from behind my eyes.. But i do not cry..


I had just finished up reading, Richard Bode's ... First you have to row a little boat. I've definitely learned a lot more about Life, with that Book. Like, issues with Grief and depression. Sudden Death. Braggy people. Even the Weather! But it also has the Good Stuff.. Like, Finding true happiness. And the Littlest things in this world that makes us SMILE, even for No reason. Like.. a Stupid Movie, or seeing that
*QUOTE UNQUOTE* Special person's smile.

The Status of my life now: STEADY. In short... I'm hanging there.. Just hanging on..

Hey! did you know that there are actually 5 STAGES OF GRIEF! Yes, there's 5 of it!

First, there's.. DENIAL.

Second, there's.. ANGER

Third, there's.. Bargaining..

Fourth, there's the oh-so-popular, DEPRESSION.

and finally.. ACCEPTANCE.

I'm not really sure with where i am, right now.. It can actually get a bit confusing at some point. I just realized that the only thing i'm sure of, is that... Observation is a more powerful force than you could possibly reckon. The invisible, the overlooked, and the unobserved are the most in danger of reaching the end of the spectrum. They lose the last of their light. From there, anything can happen.

Talk about confusing!

Thursday, August 24, 2006
8:05 PM
Pack your bags and GO!

Get your Gucci Bag. Pack your Flip Flops. Book a flight. Rush to the Airport!

Who said, summer's already over?! For this girl... it ain't, YET!
I'm still out on vacation, up to now! It's fun, to take a break
every once in a while. NO FUSS! So maybe.. i won't be posting
that much updates in the coming week! or maybe, NOT AT ALL.
but.. i'll load up next, next week's entries with tons of Photos,
Mishaps and even more Quandaries from my trip!
I've still got a plane to catch!
So.. Ciao! Au Revoir! :)

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